Peter-mixing-side-300x189MULTIFUSE is the creation of Peter Fallowell and has been many years in the making. Peter had spent many years teaching music and composing for the media before deciding to produce his personal compositions on the Crooked Cat label.

He was a ‘Sixties’ teenager and attended Charterhouse school to finish his academic studies – a couple of years after the departure of the up and coming band, Genesis! He played in a variety of bands at school but always liked the experimental side of music rather than the 3-minute ‘pop’ format. He wanted to expand his music interests and went to France in ’73 where he studied percussion at the ‘Conservatoire de Bordeaux’ and created a group called ‘Nivose’ with other French musicians. Peter returned to UK in the mid 70’s as there weren’t many opportunities for the band and he was struggling to exist – earning just a few Francs delivering leaflets every day! He also felt there might be more opportunities and connections in the UK .

PeterThroughout the Seventies he played in a number of groups including Amazorblades, an early British punk group and created his own band, Maggots, which was a jazz-rock punk outfit. But as a record deal loomed Peter realized he suffered from agoraphobic feelings and he abandoned live work to teach music and produce instrumental works for the media.

For many years Peter continued his teaching/media activities combined with his other great passion – sport, especially squash and karate, still needing the adrenalin hit! During the 90’s he started to compose for an unnamed project to cope with personal demons at the time. He began composing more and more for this personal project and Multifuse (because of his varied musical influences) began to take shape. The resulting album ‘Journey To The Nesting Place’ was released in 2009 with assistance from Cherie Emmitt and Tom Allen on vocals and bass respectively. This first album explored feelings encountered in dreams and nightmares, admission of fears and the need to love and be loved.

Cherie-1Cherie started singing at the age of 5 being involved in numerous church choirs, school productions and Girl Guide ‘Gang Shows’ and local amateur dramatic productions.

She started her ‘pop’ career by becoming one half of entertainment duo ‘Emmitt & Hart’and appeared in numerous pubs and clubs around the country. After turning ‘solo’ in 1998 she started writing and recording her own material as well as continuing to learn her trade on the club circuit.

It was while singing in a local Berkshire pub that she bumped into Peter who told her he might have a ‘little’ project in the pipeline and asked if she would be interested in singing the vocals for his long-awaited album.

Fabio-1Fabio has brought a wealth of experience to Multifuse, having performed and recorded with a variety of groups and ensembles from the 80’s until 2003 in his native Italy including Locomotivo, Archedora, Simone Patrizi, Taglia Unica, Andrea Chimenti. From 2002-2007 he was very active with the band Ephel Duath which was an experimental/jazz/extreme metal outfit recording two albums and touring extensively with them throughout Europe.

He is also very keen to assist up and coming bass players with their development and has helped many bass students in Italy. He is currently based in Paris.

Rich-Mic-ScreamRick started singing at the age of 14 and began building his confidence more from playing live gigs, where he really enjoyed the buzz of getting out in front of an audience.

For live performances we currently have the services of our ‘Live Multifusians’. We have Ben Nash from UK on guitar, who never stops trying to improve his playing even when we say its good! On keyboards is Alain Castel from La Londe near Lorgues. He has played in many bands and is very experienced with synths and live playing.  As there are many harmonies in the vocals of Multifuse, we like to use at least 2 backing vocalists and the personnel change according to where we play.


Regarding live work, we really would like to plan a tour of Europe and play at festivals. I also have an idea of the ‘Vineyard Tour’ which would be in the major ‘chateaux’ in France!