Verse 1
Outside the world is moving
Wake up to the day
I cross the road and go inside
I’m back here once again
People stand before me
But soon I’ll be with you
You turn my way I see your face
For me there’s nothing new

I just smile every time
I see Aurelia
I don’t say how I feel when
I see Aurelia
It’s our game that we play
But I need to go away
Aurelia, for now, I’m here today

Verse 2
I love the place around me
I even like the rain
I tell myself it won’t be long
To keep away the pain
Do you want to stay here
Or do you need a change
The time is right you must decide
Or things will stay the same


Verse 3
There’s Someone who is calling
Somewhere I must go
I turn around to say goodbye
So much you’ll never know
Just how I feel about you

But now I know the score
Its in your eyes they won’t tell lies
I leave and shut the door


Music and lyrics by Peter Fallowell ©

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