I Feel The Rain

Verse 1
I look down and see a world in motion
Here’s a grain of sand in one big ocean
They’re going left and they’re going right
Through the day and through the night
Another face, another life’s illusion

In their world my life will have no meaning
I’d like to say I want you to be near me
Will they talk about the day
But I think they’ll only look away

I’ll find their eyes will look but never see me

So take my hand you must be strong
You’re movin’ up and it won’t be long
Take the flame you find today
And don’t you let it get away

It feels like coming home
I’m closer top my soul
Deep inside my heart
And right through to my bones

I’m running back to you
Soon be at your door
I just can’t wait for another day
You say the good times are coming back
You say the good times are coming back
But when I see the sun
I feel the rain

Verse 2
Where have all the open hearts been hiding
I need to know the world around is smiling
What can I do to get inside
So they turn their heads and read my mind
And maybe then I’ll leave the dark behind me


Words And Music by Peter Fallowell ©

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