Souvenir Drive

Verse 1
Sometimes there are good days
But I feel sad in my own way
With no reason why
Don’t think I can stay here
I will leave town, I can go down
To Souvenir Drive
Help me find a meaning
As I go there with a feeling
I can’t say goodbye

I’m only a dreamer
And I know its not real
But I just want to be there tonight


I’m here again
Hoping time will never end
What’s it like to be free again
(And everytime) I feel so alive down
On Souvenir Drive

Verse 2
Seems like we can lose track
And we always seem to look back
And everything’s right
Maybe if we want to
I can show you, I can take you
To Souvenir Drive
It might not be a long way
And I don’t mind if its one day
At least we can try

So open your window
Let the breeze blow your mind
I’m here by your side and its real


I’m going down Souvenir driving……

All music and lyrics by Peter Fallowell ©

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