Life Becomes a Picture

Time has come to take us over
The dark begins to fade
I don’t feel the story’s over
It’s never far away

The close touch will be leaving
I’m not sure what I see
And maybe there’s a meaning
That’s good enough for me


You don’t call my name
A life becomes a picture
But I feel the same
It soon begins again


Closer to another
It’s over to remind us
It’s easy (as it begins to fade)
So believe me (its never far away)
Justify me (I’m not sure what I see)
And you’ll hear me (that’s good enough for me)


Can we find the door that helps us
Take away the pain
Even though its just behind you
Empty rooms remain

The real you is arriving
It shows me all the signs
Reach out in the distance
And never look behind


Closer (close touch will be leaving)
To another
It’s over (take away the pain) to remind us
It’s easy (empty rooms remain)
So believe me
Justify me (never look behind)
And you’ll hear me
Closer to another…

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